Qachia Carbon Fibre


Carbon fibre has been utilised as frame material not solely due to its light-weight, corrosion-resistant and tough structure, it also has the function of vibration resistance which can reduce the effect of road vibration to the human body, provide a more smoother and healthier pratices to riders in a long distance cycling, daily ride and their life

There are various types of carbon fibre such as 1K, 3K, 12K and UD. These types of Carbon fiber are classified by the width of the weaves.  For example, a 1K weave is approximately 1mm in width while a UD carbon has fibers that run the same way rather than being woven together.These properties of carbon weaves have its own characteristics to provide the different purposes, stiffness and strength. The most commonly carbon fibres found on the bicycle is 3k, 12k and UD.

The UD (Uni-directional) carbon is the latest carbon fiber that has been utilised in the bicycles. Majority of Qachia’s carbon frames are using a UD Carbon, because it offers a combination of aerodynamic, comfortable, stiffness and strength which assembles all the characteristics of the entire cyclist dreams. Qachia is working very closely with the manufacturers who make many of the top brands around the world. With their wide experience and excellent understanding in bikes manufacturing technology, every Qachia’s frame has been manufactured in a very high standard and good quality.